(c) 1997, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009
  Fred Lindberg, lindberg@id.wustl.edu (code+docs+faq)
  Fred B. Ringel, fredr@rivertown.net (faq)
  Bruce Guenter, bruce@untroubled.org (code+docs)

This software is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence as
published by the Free Software Foundation.  See the file LICENSE for
the conditions under which this software is made available.

Like any other piece of software (and information generally), ezmlm-idx
comes with NO WARRANTY.

This software originated from ezmlm-0.53, written by Dan J. Bernstein,
which has now been placed into the public domain.

ezmlm provided basic message distribution, subscriber address handling,
message archiving (single quoted message retrieval only), and bounce
handling. ezmlm-idx adds multi-message threaded archive retrieval, digests,
remote administration, message and subscription moderation, subscriber-only
restrictions, message trailer, subject prefix, subscriber name storage,
customizable setup, multi-language and MIME support and more. In addition,
improved bounce handling, case-insensitive subscriber address storage,
and support for distributed lists (main + sublist transparent to the
subscriber). Ezmlm-idx now includes optional support for MySQL or
PostgreSQL subscriber databases.

See INSTALL for installation instructions.
See UPGRADE to upgrade from a previous version of ezmlm-idx.
See CHANGES to see what's new in this version.
See FAQ for more info on ezmlm(-idx) functions and setup.
See FILES for a list of files in this package.

NOTE: Some ezmlmrc translations are not up to date.  Please check the
status of the translations at http://www.ezmlm.org/lang/ and if your
language is out of date, consider submitting corrections.  Your
contribution will be acknowledged below in the next ezmlm-idx release.

The RPM will put ezmlm-cgi in the bin directory. To use it, you must manually
move it to a cgi-bin directory, set ownership and SUID (if needed), and
set up /ezmlm/ezcgirc.

See http://cr.yp.to/ezmlm.html for the latest information about ezmlm.

See http://www.ezmlm.org/ for the latest version of ezmlm-idx, as well
as on-line versions of the FAQ and docs.

Mail ``ezmlm-subscribe@lists.untroubled.org'' to join the ezmlm mailing
list (low traffic). This list is run by Bruce Guenter using ezmlm-idx.
The archive is viewable at http://lists.untroubled.org/?list=ezmlm

Send general comments, questions, bug reports, and patches to:


Translations have been provided by:

TRANSLATIONS (from newest to oldest)
nl:	Arthur Muller <Arthur@FutureQuest.net>
it:	Tullio Andreatta <t.andreatta@troppoavanti.it>
nl:	Maurice Snellen <maurice@hypercube.demon.nl>
de:	Lars Kruse <lists@sumpfralle.de>
id:	PakOgah <pakogah@pala.bo-tak.info>
es:	Ruben Cardenal <ruben@ruben.cn>
sv:	Mads E. Eilertsen <mads.e.eilertsen@hist.no>
fr:	Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

Older translation credits:
de:	Frank Tegtmeyer
ja:	Masashi Fujita (objectx@polyphony.scei.co.jp)
da:	Torben Fjerdingstad (unitfj@tfj.uni-c.dk)
fr:	Frank Denis (j@industrie.capgemini.fr)
sv:	Sebastian Andersson (sa@hogia.net)
pl:	Sergiusz Pawlowicz (ser@arch.pwr.wroc.pl)
pt_BR:	Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin (cavassin@connectiva.com.br)
cs:	Jan Kasprzak (kas@informatics.muni.cz)
ru:	Roman V Isaev (rm@techno.ru)
id:	Aria Prima Novianto (aria@isnet.org)
it:	Roberto De Carlo (rodeca@flashnet.it)
es:	Vicent Mas, Francesc Alted, Sonia Lorente, and Cyndy DePoy
cn_GB:	HaiFeng Guo (haifeng@ms.lawton.com.cn)
hu:	Julian Severn-nek (http://js.hu/)
nl:	Willem <willem@king-pin.nl>

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (from Fred Lindberg)
- Fred B. Ringel, first and foremost, for a great collaboration, ideas, testing,
  docs clarification. This makes it so much more fun.
- Dan J. Bernstein for qmail, ezmlm, and great libraries.
- Tullio Andreatta, for the confirm (-y option) patches.
- Toshinori Maeno (TM; tmaeno@hpcl.titech.ac.jp) for finding an ezmlm-idx-0.20
  bug, and MIME suggestions, suggestions about hopcount and received headers,
  return-path header in archive, sublist loop detection, ezmlm-limit suggestion,
  many other suggestions and explanations, help to get ezmlm-cgi Japanese
  support to work, as well as pre-release testing.
- Frank Tegtmeyer for inciting digests and format info/suggestions, and for
- Magnus Stålåker (MAS; stalaker@umc.se) for the PostgresSQL interface.
- Mark Delany for the original ezmlm-issub and for suggesting reordering
  unlink() and doit() in ezmlm-warn.
- Raul Miller and Chris Garrigues for format info/suggestions.
- Thomas Erskine (TEE; tom@crc.doc.ca) for fix to clean sunos-4.1.3 compiles
  and pre-release compilation on many platforms, fixes for bash-isms in
  ezmlm-check, and testing.
- Shuhei Kobayashi (SK; shuhei-k@jaist.ac.jp) for MIME corrections/suggestions,
  X-sequence suggestions, ezmlm-check/make corrections, and pre-release testing.
- Yusuf Goolamabbas (YG; yusufg@krdl.org.sg) and the Mutt developers for
  pointing out outdated MIME, ezmlmrc improvements, outformat bug, suggestion
  about ezmlm-moderate -r switch, and pre-release testing.
- Brian Gentry (BG; gentry@usaccess-inc.com) for reporting the
  ezmlm-moderate-0.12 exit code bug.
- Anand R. Buddhev (ARB; arb@iconnect.co.ke) for fix to clean BSDI 2.1 compiles
  and pre-release testing.
- Masashi Fujita (MF; objectx@polyphony.scei.co.jp) for fix to clean SGI
  compiles, lint advice, MIME suggestions, pre-release testing, a patch for
  the ezmlm-make-0.21 -c bug, ezmlmrc.ja, and finding postmsg bug in 0.301.
- Matthew D. Stock (MDS; stock@perdix.acsu.buffalo.edu) for pre-release testing.
- Ximenes Zalteca for finding an ezmlm-send-0.21 bug.
- Jukka Suomela (JS; jukka@narnia.tky.hut.fi) for inciting the ezmlm-send -cC
- John White (johnjohn@triceratops.com) for questions leading to ezmlm-tstdig,
  and for testing the example script.
- Torben Fjerdingstad (TF; unitfj@tfj.uni-c.dk) for testing case-insensitive
  issub.c and subscribe.c, for TARGETS, for suggesting a no-copy-to-SENDER
  option, for ezmlmrc.da, for reporting missing MIME end for base64/QP
  moderated [un]sub confirms, and for pre-release testing.
- Shinya O'Hira (SOH; Shinya_Oohira@justsystem.co.jp) for reporting the
  ezmlm-make-0.22 lock file name bug and for testing the fix. Also for many
  helpful suggestions and hard work testing rfc2047 subject support.
- Sadhu(sadhu@aloha.net) & Tracy Reed (TR; treed@ultraviolet.org) for reporting
  the ezmlm-send-0.22 undefined SENDER bug, and testing the fix.
- Scott Balantyne (SDB; sdb@ssr.com) for inciting the modifications for digest
  out of dir/editor.
- Frank Denis (j@industrie.capgemini.fr) for ezmlmrc.fr.
- Marc Evans (marc@destek.net) for reporting the ezmlm-make-0.221 64-bit bug
  and pre-release testing, and inciting, improving, and testing ezmlm-test.
- Vince Vielhaber (VV; vev@michvhf.com) for reporting ezmlm-check problems with
  non-bash and testing fixes.
- Andrew Pam (AP; xanni@xanadu.net) for suggesting the ezmlm-idx -d switch and
  reporting the ezmlm-gate failure on NULL $SENDER bug.
- Glen Stewart (GS; glen_stewart@associate.com) for reminding me about command
  case insensitivity and ezmlmrc typo fixes.
- Kenji Ikeda (KI; noroi@nt.is.dnp.co.jp) for a patch to ezmlm-idx-0.23 to get
  message numbers in subjects. I've added code to ezmlm-idx-0.30 implementing
  this is a similar manner. Sen Nagata (sen_ml@eccosys.com) for suggesting this
  earlier. Bugfix for missing MIME boundary in -index reply.
- Sebastian Andersson (SA; sa@hogia.net) for ezmlmrc.sv, MIME suggestions,
  ezmlm-weed patch, ezmlmrc version check suggestion and pre-release testing.
- Giorgos Stathakopoulos (GS; stathako@cti.gr) for pre-release testing.
- David Summers (DS; david@summersoft.fay.ar.us) for pre-release testing,
  reporting a ezmlm-check bug and SPEC files for rpm:s.
- Steinar Haug (STH; sthaug@nethelp.no) for pointing out missing ';' in
  ezmlmrc (caused problems with /bin/sh on FreeBSD), and the trigger message
  received lines in the digest header.
- Peter Hunter (PH) for suggesting dir/headeradd and list address in digest
  headers and for reporting a "cosmetic" bug in subscription logging.
- Jim Simmons (JS) for finding the n/d switch misnaming in ezmlmrc for text file
- Sergiusz Pawlowicz (SP; ser@arch.pwr.wroc.pl) for ezmlmrc.pl, and many entries
  for mimeremove.
- Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin (WAC; cavassin@connectiva.com.br) for
- Jim Simmons (     ) for finding a missing-newline-mime bug in
- Monte Mitzelfelt (MM; monte@gonefishing.org) for suggesting alternative
  From: for ezmlm-manage help messages to break responder loops.
- Louis Larry (LL; luois@kediri.webindonesia.com) for reporting a 0.311 prefix
  handling bug.
- Sigi Remsmurr (SR; service@isk.de), Bill Nugent (whn@topelo.lopi.com), James
  Smallacombe (JS; up@3am) for ezmlmrc corrections/suggestions.
- Matthew Saunders (MS; matts@easynet.net) for ezmlm-glconf.sh corrections and
  reporting crashability of ezmlm-get by abnormal use (fixed).
- Petr Novotny (PN; Petr.Novotny@antek.cz) for ezdomo.tar.gz corrections.
- Evan Champion (EC; evanc@synapse.net) for ezmlm-request bug report.
- Jeff Hill (JH; jhill@hronline.com) for ezmlm-reject bug report.
- Bruno Wolff (BW; bruno@cerberus.umn.edu) for Ultrix fixes.
- Butch Evans (BE; butch@###.com) for reporting trailer problems with
  multipart/alternative messages and testing fix.
- Kragen Sitaker (KS; kragen@pobox.com) for reporting ezmlm-manage -get bug.
- Lars B. Rasmusson (LBR; lbr@mjolner.dk) for prerelease testing with sun cc.
- Mike McLeish (MMcL; Mike.Mcleish@chatsoft.com) for reporting problems
  using the 'x' format and testing the fix.
- Jan Kasprzak (JK; kas@informatics.muni.cz) for ezmlmrc.cs and headerremove
- Matt McGlynn for reporting 0.32 ezmlmrc -return omission.
- Roman V Isaev (RVI; rm@techno.ru) for ezmlmrc.ru as well as suggestions
  on -allow automation.
- Aria Prima Novianto (APN; aria@isnet.org) for ezmlmrc.id.
- Roberto De Carlo (RDC; rodeca@flashnet.it) for ezmlmrc.it.
- Vicent Mas, Francesc Alted, Sonia Lorente, and Cyndy DePoy for ezmlmrc.es.
- HaiFeng Guo (HFG; haifeng@ms.lawton.com.cn) for ezmlmrc.cn_GB.
- Julian Severn-nek (http://js.hu/) for ezmlmrc.hu.
- Willem <willem@king-pin.nl> for ezmlmrc.nl.
- Benjamin Pflugman (BPF; philemon@spin.de) for reporting multipart/signed
  problems and testing fix.
- Rik Myers (RM; rik@sumthin.nu), Daniel Mattos (DM; daniel@tiii.com) and others
  for helping make ezmlm-test less platform-sensitive.
- Michael Hirohama (MH; michael@sooth.com) for reporting Outlook problems and
  testing a work-around.
- Mate Wierdl (MW; mw@wierdlpc.msci.memphis.edu) for SPEC file kit and
  suggestions on ezmlm-test, "it", etc, and pre-release testing.
- Numerous users for suggestions/corrections for the documentation.
- I'm sure I've forgotten others who have contributed ideas, questions,
  comments. Thanks!

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