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Adapting ezmlm-make for virtual domains - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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7.5 Adapting ezmlm-make for virtual domains

This is not necessary if you use qmail>=1.02 and ezmlm-idx>=0.32.

The problem with virtual domains is that ezmlm-make(1) by default puts the list name in DIR/inlocal. However, if the domain ‘host1.dom.com’ is controlled by the user ‘virt’, then the local part of the address for the list ‘list@host.dom.com’ will be ‘virt-list’, not ‘list’. This is easily accommodated by putting a .ezmlmrc file in ~virt/. In the ‘</inlocal/>’ section of this file, enter ‘virt-<#L#>’ instead of ‘<#L#>’. Now, all lists created under ~virt will be automatically set up correctly.

Similarly, if ‘host1.dom.com’ is controlled by virt-dom1 and ‘host2.dom.com’ by ‘virt-dom2’, inlocal for list ‘list@host1.dom.com’ should be ‘virt-dom1-list’ and for ‘list@host2.dom.com’ should be ‘virt-dom2-list’. To accommodate this, put ‘virt-<#1#>-<#L#>’ in ‘</inlocal/>’.


     % ezmlm-make -c ~virt/LIST ~virt/.qmail-dom1-list \
        list host1.dom.com

will produce a LIST/inlocal of ‘virt-dom1-list’ by substituting the first part between two ‘-’ (dom1) for ‘<#1#>’. Two levels of dashes are accommodated, i.e. ‘<#2#>’ will be replaced by the second part between two ‘-’ (in this case empty (Sic!)). For more info, see ezmlm-make(1) and comments in ezmlmrc.