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Adding a header to outgoing messages - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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9.3 Adding a header to outgoing messages

Put the exact header text as a line in DIR/headeradd. Thus, if you'd like a ‘Precedence: bulk’ header added to outgoing messages, put a line ‘Precedence: bulk’ into DIR/headeradd. This particular header is already added via the default ezmlmrc(5). Any modifications you wish to be active for all future lists should be made via modification of ezmlmrc(5) (see Customizing ezmlm-make operation). As of ezmlm-idx-0.32, the following tags can be used in DIR/headeradd, and will be substituted: <#n#> for the current message number, <#l#> for the local part of the list (this will be the digest list for digests), <#h#> for the host part of the list name. These substitutions are done at the time of message delivery, in contrast to the ‘capital letter’ tags substituted by ezmlm-make(1) when the list is set up.