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Allowing remote administrators to get a subscriber list - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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13.5 Allowing remote administrators to get a subscriber list

Access to the subscriber list is sensitive. Thus, this option is disabled by default. The ezmlm-manage(1) -l command line switch enables this option, but will send a subscriber list only to a moderator's address. This allows a moderator to also initiate a subscriber list retrieval from a secondary account (i.e. one to which the moderator's mail is delivered, but for which SENDER is not a moderator). The latter option does not decrease security, as it is trivial to fake SENDER (see Ezmlm-idx security for a discussion of ezmlm-idx security aspects).

For maximum subscriber list security, do not enable this feature. To enable this feature by default, just modify ezmlmrc(5) (see Customizing ezmlm-make operation).