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Allowing users to get a subscriber list - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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13.7 Allowing users to get a subscriber list

If you want any user to be able to get a subscriber list, you can set up a separate link to DIR/list and then put in a script using ezmlm-list. (see see How to add your own commands for more information). The authors strongly urge against this, since a common method for spammers to get valid email addresses from mailing lists is to exploit unrestricted -list commands. A subscriber with questions about who is on the list should contact the ‘list-owner@host’. A subscriber wishing to confirm that they are still on the list can just send a message to ‘list-subscribe@listhost’, and reply to the confirm request. The following message will be a ‘ezmlm response’ if the user was already a subscriber, and a ‘WELCOME to listname’ if s/he was not.