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Announcement lists allowing moderated posts from anyone - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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17.12 Announcement lists allowing moderated posts from anyone

This is useful in many circumstances. A list announcing new programs for a system, where both the main developers and other users may have contributed programs.

Set up the list with ezmlm-make -m and the main developers as moderators. When any of these posts, that user alone is asked to confirm. Posts from other email addresses are sent to all moderators/developers. To use a different set of email addresses as ‘trusted e-mail addresses’ and moderators for other posts, use the ezmlm-store(1) -S switch and make a separate address database for the “trusted email addresses”. Put the name of the basedir for the “trusted e-mail addresses” database in DIR/modpost (needs leading ‘/’), and add the post moderator(s) to DIR/mod/ using ezmlm-sub(1) as shown above.