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Command name aliases - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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19.1 Command name aliases

ezmlm commands can have aliases for use in translations for non-English use. Due to the use of commands in mail e-mail addresses, the character set is limited by RFC822 to us-ascii. To enable the command aliases, remove the comment marks around the INTL_CMDS define in idx.h. Also, remove the comments from the define corresponding to one language (currently, only LANG_FR - French) available.

The INTL_CMDS define results in the compilation of all ezmlm programs with support for alias commands for those commands listed in the INTL section (all that are used directly by users). All aliases MUST be defined, but should be the normal English commands. The language-specific sections un-define and redefine the commands for which alternative names should be used. This allows use of e.g. ‘inscription’ as an alias in addition to the standard ‘subscribe’.