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Controlling the digest format - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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12.5 Controlling the digest format

You can control the default format that ezmlm-get(1) uses for its output by using the -f x switch. For individual digests triggered by mail or other archive access, add a format specifier after the digestcode:


For example:


where ‘x’ is ‘r’ for RFC1153 format, ‘m’ (default) for MIME multipart/digest with a subset of headers, ‘v’ for virgin MIME multipart/digest, i.e. with all headers retained from the archive, ‘n’ produces format similar to ‘v’, without threading and with messages in numerical order. The ‘x’ format is identical to the default ‘m’ format, but the digest content-type is ‘multipart/alternative’ rather than ‘multipart/digest’. This helps with a pine bug if you are using quoted-printable/base64 encoding of ezmlm messages.

With digests triggered directly from crond(8), just use the -f format specifier:

     ezmlm-get -fx DIR

The same switch can also be used for standard digest triggering from DIR/editor. Just add the -fx switch to the ezmlm-get(1) command line there. Edit ~/ezmlmrc to assure that such customizations will be used for future list creations/edits.