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How can I remotely add moderators - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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13.1 How can I remotely add moderators, subscriber aliases, etc?

On any list, the DIR/allow/ database can be manipulated remotely via mail to ‘list-allow-subscribe@listhost’, etc. The rules for adding/removing/listing addresses to this database are the same as for the main list. Thus, if a user on an open list wants to be able to post from ‘alias@al.host.com’ s/he can send a message to ‘list-allow-subscribe-alias=al.host.com@listhost’ and reply to the confirmation request. Now, s/he can post from this address even on a subscriber-only list and even though the address is not a real subscriber.

It can be confusing to some users that you use “subscribe” here, but you don't get any messages. If you explain to them that this is just another collection of addresses they will understand. You can also send the initial message on their behalf. If you are a remote admin, you can even complete the transaction adding the alias without subscriber participation.

Addresses can also be unsubscribed from the ‘allow’ database. However, there is usually no good reason to do so.

If configured, the DIR/deny/ database can be manipulated, but only by remote administrators, by mail to e.g. ‘list-deny-baduser=badhost@listhost’. Normal users cannot access this database.

To remotely administrate the DIR/mod/ databases (i.e., without shell access), you need to set up a non-public, remotely administered list which “resides” within the DIR/mod. Please carefully consider the implications of making it possible to remotely add, remove, and list moderators. In many circumstances, this is dangerous.

After setting up your list with the specific functionality you need, use the following command for DIR/mod/:

     % ezmlm-make -ePrIAl ~/list/mod ~/.qmail-list-mod joe-list-mod host

The -l flag is not necessary, but makes it easier to administrate your moderator database by permitting the “supermoderator” to see who is on the list.

The new list does not have a key. Using the key from the main list is inadvisable. Instead, create a dummy list, copy the key from this list to your “moderator” list:

     % cp ~/DUMMY/key ~/DIR/mod/key

Erase the dummy list. Also, posts to this list should not be allowed. Erase the ~/.qmail-list-mod and ~/DIR/mod/editor. Then add the remote administrator of the “moderator” list:

     % ezmlm-sub ~/list/mod mod supermod@superhost

The “supermoderator” can now remotely administrate the moderators of the main list.