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How to deal with corrupted subscriber lists - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.26 How to deal with corrupted subscriber lists

Dan has made ezmlm very robust, but a subscriber list can still become corrupted due to e.g. disk errors. Usually, this will lead to a ‘temporary qmail-queue error’ because an address does not conform to the standard format. Occasionally, two email addresses are fused, e.g. ‘addr1@hostTaddr2@host’. To diagnose and fix this type of error, disable deliveries (easiest is to ‘chmod 0 DIR/lock’), back up the contents of DIR/subscribers/, then:

     % ezmlm-list DIR > tmp.tmp
     ( edit tmp.tmp to fix any problems )
     % rm -f DIR/subscribers/?
     % ezmlm-sub DIR < tmp.tmp

This will list all email addresses, allow you to edit them, then re-subscribe them. Don't forget to re-enable deliveries.