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Post are not sent to subscribers - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.7 Post are not sent to subscribers

Non-moderated lists
  1. Read the qmail log. Is your message delivered to the list? You can also:
                   % cat DIR/num
  2. Send a message to the list.
  3. See if it was received/processed:
                   % cat DIR/num

If the number was incremented, the message went to the list, and was successfully sent out in the opinion of ezmlm-send(1) (ezmlm-send(1) doesn't mind if there are no subscribers, so check that there really are both moderators and subscribers. These are added with ezmlm-sub(1). You can not just put addresses into a text file!).

Message moderated lists
  1. Check number of queued messages awaiting moderation:
                   % ls -l DIR/mod/pending
  2. Send a message to the list.
  3. Check if another message was added to the queue:
                   % ls -l DIR/mod/pending

    A new file should have appeared. If this file has the owner execute bit set, it was successfully processed by ezmlm-store(1). If this is true, but no moderation request was sent, then continue with Messages posted to a moderated list do not result in moderation requests. If there is no new file, the message did not reach ezmlm-store(1), or ezmlm-store(1) failed early. In both cases, the mail log should tell you more.

    If the message is there, but the owner execute bit is not set, ezmlm-store(1) failed. Check the mail log. Possible reasons include a failure to find the ezmlm-send(1) binary or DIR/msgsize is specified and the message body size is outside of the allowed range (again, this is accompanied by an error message and mail log entry).

  1. If the message was not received/processed, there should be an error message in the mail log.
  2. Fix temporary and permanent errors with the help of qmail and ezmlm documentation.
  3. If there is no log entry at all, then the mail went to another host. Check your qmail setup.
  4. If mail was delivered to the list, but not forwarded to the subscribers (check the qmail log - there should be an entry for a new delivery to the list), the most common error is that there are no subscribers. In this case, ezmlm-send(1) sends a message from ‘list-help@host’, and logs success, but no recipients are logged. To qmail, it is perfectly acceptable to send a message without recipients, so no error message is logged.
  5. Check subscribers:
                   % ezmlm-list DIR
  6. Assure that ownerships are correct on the list directories:
                   % chown -R user DIR

    For lists owned by the ‘alias’ user (in ~alias):

                   % chown -R alias DIR
  7. Most other problems should be easily corrected with the help of the qmail log.