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Restricting the size of posts - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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8.4 Restricting the size of posts

If the DIR argument is specified on the ezmlm-reject(1) line in DIR/editor and DIR/msgsize exists and contains a number (in bytes) greater than ‘0’, then any posts with a body larger than the number specified is rejected. The maximum message size can optionally be followed by ‘:’ and a minimum message body size in bytes. For moderated lists, messages that are too large are rejected and not sent to the moderators. This feature can be used to prevent the posting an entire digest to the list by setting DIR/msgsize slightly below the message size set in your ezmlm-tstdig(1) innovation (if any). A minimum size can catch a few administrative request sent to the main list, but is otherwise not that useful. To always configure your lists with a message size restriction, add to ezmlmrc(5):


The ezmlm-make(1) -x switch adds this with 40000:2.