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Text files - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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19.2 Text files

Most ezmlm responses are made from text files in DIR/text/. These are created from the template file ezmlmrc. Thanks to Frank Denis, and Masashi Fujita, Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin, Sergiusz Pawlowicz, Frank Tegtmeyer, Torben Fjerdingstad, Jan Kasprzak, and Sebastian Andersson, French, Japanese, Portuguese (var. Brazil), Polish, German, Danish, Czech, and Swedish versions are available. Just:

     % make jp


     # make install

or just copy ezmlmrc.jp to /etc/ezmlmrc, where it will override the copy installed in the ezmlm binary directory. For rpm packages, the en_US version is installed, but the other versions are available in the /usr/doc/ hierarchy.

If you have made an ezmlmrc(5) version for another language, please make it public domain and email it as an attachment to bruce@untroubled.org. It will then be put into the ezmlmrc directory of the distribution site. Please take advantage of the ‘Content-transfer-encoding’ capability of ezmlm-idx>=0.30, if needed, as this avoids problems when messages are sent via non-8-bit MUAs.

Other ezmlm responses, such as words in subject lines, are defines in idx.h and can be changed there. Error messages should ideally not be altered. However, it may make sense to change a few of them which are used as messages to e.g. remote administrators. The defines for all error messages are in errtxt.h.