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Using ezmlm-check to find setup errors - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.5 Using ezmlm-check to find setup errors

ezmlm-check(1) is included in the ezmlm-idx distribution. ezmlm-check(1) is an evolving shell script which when put into a .qmail file of a mailing list will return information about the environment variables passed by qmail to ezmlm as well as the list setup. It also attempts to check for common error conditions, such as HOST and DIR/inhost mismatch, missing files, etc. To use ezmlm-check(1), place a line:

     |/usr/local/bin/ezmlm/ezmlm-check 'DIR'

where ‘DIR’ is the list directory, as the first line in DIR/editor (for mail to list), DIR/manager (for mail to ‘list-subscribe’, list-help, etc), DIR/moderator (for mail to ‘list-accept’, ‘list-reject’). ezmlm-check(1) will send its output to SENDER. The rest of the .qmail file will be ignored. If you use a non-standard ezmlm binary directory, change the ezmlm-check(1) path accordingly.

ezmlm-check(1) in combination with mail logs and ezmlm error messages should make it easy to diagnose setup problems. When done, don't forget to remove the ezmlm-check(1) line. It is not security-proofed against SENDER manipulation and with it in place, the list won't work.

ezmlm-check(1) does not check all aspects of list generation, but catches all common errors when lists are created with ezmlm-make(1), an many other errors as well. The ezmlm-check(1) reply is also very valuable for support via email.