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Variations in moderation - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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17.3 Variations in moderation

You can set up lists with combinations of message moderation, subscription moderation, and remote administration, easiest by combining ezmlm-make(1) -m, -s, and -r switches. You can use a non-default moderator db, by specifying a directory starting with a slash in DIR/modsub or DIR/remote (for remote admin and subscription moderation - always the same db for both functions) or in DIR/modpost for message moderation. You can point several lists to the same moderator db, thus using the same moderators for several lists. NOTE: The user controlling the list must have read/write access to the files (specifically, must be able to write the lock file).

Some of these setups are not trivial. However, you can make them trivial by modifying ezmlmrc(5) so that ezmlm-make(1) can set up the desired lists by default or when the user uses e.g. the -y or -z switches (see Customizing ezmlm-make operation).