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What are the major changes between ezmlm-idx versions? - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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1.5 What are the major changes between ezmlm-idx versions?

ezmlm-idx version 7 added support for internationalized error messages and subjects (in addition to the existing support for internationalized response texts). It also revised how lists are configured, moving much of the operational configuration into control files in the list directory (instead of command-line switches in DIR/editor and others).

ezmlm-idx version 6 moved the SQL subscriber database support into dynamically loaded plugins.

ezmlm-idx version 5.1.1 introduced marking subscribe and unsubscribe requests in the Log file as ‘+mod’ and ‘-mod’ respectively.

ezmlm-idx version 5.1.0 added the headerkeep and mimekeep control files for additional control over distributed message content, and the ezmlm-import(1) program to import messages into a message archive.

ezmlm-idx version 5.0 moved the text files out of the list directory and into a site-wide default directory to make future upgrades less painful.

New in ezmlm-idx version 0.44 is the ezmlm-dispatch program.

New in ezmlm-idx version 0.43 is per-post sender confirmation.

New in ezmlm-idx version 0.40 are better support for announcement lists, support for QMQP to offload message distribution onto external hosts, simplified optional SQL database use (MySQL or PostgreSQL), more flexibility in determining which messages should be moderated, a WWW interface to the list archives, and many small improvements.

ezmlm-idx version 0.32 adds improved handling of very large lists with optimized bounce handling, ezmlm-split(1) for forwarding (un)subscribe requests to sublists to allow sublisting transparent to the subscriber, and SQL support to allow sublisting with improved message authentication and monitoring of list function, as well as dynamic addition/removal/reconfiguration of sublists. Also, subscriber ‘From:’ lines are logged with support for finding a subscription address from a name. The qmail DEFAULT variable is used, if present. Together, these additions eliminate the most common problems making ezmlm use and administration even easier.