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What is ezmlmrc? - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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7.2 What is ezmlmrc?

ezmlm-make(1) has a number of default switches that through ezmlmrc(5) have defined functions. These allow creation of many standard lists.

In addition, ezmlm-make(1) operation is fully customizable via modification of the template file, ezmlmrc(5) or .ezmlmrc. A default ezmlmrc(5) is installed in the ezmlm binary directory. The system administrator can install a system-wide default ezmlmrc(5) file in /etc/ezmlmrc (or symlinked from there) which overrides the file in the ezmlm binary directory. If the ezmlm-make(1) -c (custom) switch is used, ezmlm-make(1) will look for .ezmlmrc in the ‘dotdir’, i.e. the directory in which the .qmail-list links are placed. This is usually a set directory for a given user/virtual domain (usually, the home directory for the user controlling the lists).

ezmlmrc(5) controls everything except creation of the list directory itself and the key used for cookie generation. The syntax of ezmlmrc(5) is documented in ezmlm-make(1), the ezmlmrc(5) man page, and in the ezmlmrc(5) file installed in the ezmlm binary directory. ezmlm-make limits its effects to within the list ‘dot’ and ‘DIR’ directories. In the ‘dotdir’, only links to within ‘DIR’ can be created.