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What is the difference between ezmlm and ezmlm-idx? - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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1.4 What is the difference between ezmlm and ezmlm-idx?

ezmlm-0.53 is a qmail-based mailing list manager written by Dan J. Bernstein. It has all the basic functionality of a mailing list manager, such as subscriber address management including automated bounce handling as well as message distribution and archiving.

ezmlm-idx originated as an add-on to ezmlm. It now exists as a complete package on its own, but can still be considered essentially as an extension to ezmlm. It adds multi-message threaded message retrieval from the archive, digests, message and subscription moderation, and a number of remote administration function. It modifies the configuration program ezmlm-make(1) so that it uses a text file template rather than compiled-in texts in list creation. In this manner, ezmlm-idx allows easy setup of lists in different languages and customization of default list setup. ezmlm-idx also adds MIME handling, and other support to streamline use with languages other than English. Prior to version 7, ezmlm-idx existed as an ezmlm source add-on, and as such did not work without ezmlm. ezmlm-idx tries to be compatible with ezmlm as much as possible in its usage, though the internal structure has changed considerably. ezmlm-idx also modifies the ezmlm subscriber database to be case insensitive to avoid many unsubscribe problems.

This document is a FAQ for ezmlm-idx. However, many of the basic items that are discussed also apply to ezmlm per se.