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Listing Subscribers - ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

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2.6 Listing subscribers(*)

The list may be configured to allow remote administrators to obtain a list of subscriber addresses. If ‘mailinglist@example.org’ is set up with this option and you are a remote administrator, mail to ‘mailinglist-list@example.org’ will get you the list. If you are sending from another account, you can use ‘mailinglist-remote=admin.net@example.org’ to get the list to ‘remote@admin.net’. Of course, this will work only if ‘remote@admin.net’ is a remote administrator.

Subscriber lists for the “digest”, “deny” and “allow” databases are obtained in a similar manner by a message to ‘mailinglist-digest-list@example.org’, ‘mailinglist-deny-list@example.org’, or ‘mailinglist-allow-list@example.org’.