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Remote Editing - ezmlm and ezmlm-idx Manual

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3.10 Allowing remote administrators to edit ezmlm text files(*)

Use the ezmlm-make(1)-n’ switch or DIR/modcanedit control file to allow remote editing of text files to remote administrators. Editing is allowed for all existing text files in either the list or the ezmlmrc directory (*5). Thus, in order to allow editing of the DIR/text/info file (sent in response to the -info command), you must at least have created such a file from the shell command line, or via ezmlmrc. See More Information.

A list of editable files is contained in the DIR/text/edit-list file. This file itself for the list ‘mailinglist@example.org’ is editable via ‘mailinglist-edit.edit_list@example.org’. This file has no effect on which files can be edited, but it useful since it contains the instructions returned in reply to the -edit command. Hyphens in file names need to be replaced by underscores in the edit commands. See More Information.