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Using ezmlm-test to check the ezmlm(-idx) programs - ezmlm-idx FAQ

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6.4 Using ezmlm-test to check the ezmlm(-idx) programs

ezmlm-test(1) tests the different ezmlm(-idx) programs. It is useful to test your installation. If this program succeeds, it is not likely that you have problems due to platform-specific ezmlm(-idx) bugs. If ezmlm-test(1) fails, this is the place to start. The program is good at finding problems but not that easy to use to determine the cause. Start by finding the place where it fails, recreate the conditions (add ‘exit 0’ just before the point of failure and set the environment variables as set by the script), then try to run the command manually. ~/__TSTDIR__err may contain a relevant error message. For further help, email bruce@untroubled.org.